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How To Get Long Healthy Hair Naturally?

It’s Easy With My Hair Care Routine & Tips for Growing Your Hair Long…Fast!

So, let me guess you want to learn about great hair.

You have been searching all over the Internet for sound advice. You are looking for really simple hair tricks. Tricks every lady needs to know to have beautiful, healthy hair.

You visit websites, blogs, news sites, YouTube, Pinterest and the list goes on. Worse, you find out there is a lot of conflicting information. Or, some blogs have even purchased cheap, crappy articles and slapped them on their website. That is not doing you any good because we are talking about your hair after all!

It is important to know how to always look polished at the office, while conducting business or at play. Whenever you can, pay a few extra dollars to look good and feel great especially when it comes to hair oil.

It is so important that I worked with doctors to blend the perfect hair oil that can help stop hair thinning and hair loss. It moisturizes your scalp and hair, which is what your hair absolutely needs to keep from being dry and brittle.  You can get it here.

Listen, I Understand Your Pain!

And, that is precisely why I started this blog. I felt there needed to be a resource that provided well-written information on all things regarding:

  • A precise hair care routine
  • Hair science
  • Tips for different hair types
  • Celebrity hair expert advice
  • Different black hairstyles ideas
  • Resources page of the best products

However, I decided to take things a step further.

After traveling the world, I have found there are a lot of other black women who are also adventurous. They enjoy visiting exotic locations and looking great too. This is true especially when it comes to our hair! So, I write articles dedicated to keeping your hair looking great even while traveling. Hey, if you have gone through all the trouble to get your hair looking fabulous, you might as well show it off. Do it in grand style in London, Cape Town, Rome, Accra, Macau, Melbourne or wherever your little ‘ol heart desires!

In addition…

When I was five years old I first traveled out of the U.S. to London. I remember it was winter time. I had my faux fur coat, mitt and hat on. I also remember getting my hair done at my aunt’s hair salon – Cyn’s Beauty Boutique – before boarding the flight. I felt like a million dollars. You couldn’t tell me nothing! :)

That feeling of dressing up and feeling pretty while traveling the world has never left me. I love meeting other women who work hard and play hard too. It is undeniable that women who travel have confidence, they feel good because they are enjoying themselves and getting a much needed break from their day-to-day lives.

The world is a big place, so why not enjoy what it has to offer especially since your hair is already done!

The travel hair tips articles on Sherry’s Life will have information on products and hairstyles you might want to consider based on weather and activities like swimming.

If you look good, it can change your entire attitude. You’ll feel like you can take on anything…including making the world your oyster.

By The Way, My Name Is Sherry Harris

I live in sunny, Southern California – Los Angeles to be exact.

I spend many days at the beach because it’s, well, awesome. It gives me the motivation to research and write about topics at Sherry’s Life that I absolutely love, like…hair care, hairstyles, haircuts, hair colors, hair extensions and hair tips for relaxed and natural divas, ladies of leisure, entrepreneurs and professionals that want to make a good first impression or visual impact.

It’s the ultimate lifestyle, at least to me, because I get to spend time blogging for you. And, quite frankly, I love it!

My life is much more fulfilling these days. Having worked in Corporate America as a Satellite Engineer and Project Manager for companies like Hughes Communications, DIRECTV, DIRECTV International, LowerMyBills, and Experian Interactive Media, my life as a solopreneur is better than fantastic. Each day I get up and connect with lots of women all across the world who have it going on!

But Enough About Me. Let’s Talk About You.

You came here because you want hair care secrets and advice that you can use now, right?

Well, I can help you, and here’s why:

I study hairstyles, hair trends and hair products across a wide range of areas — brands, hair texture, natural hair, relaxed hair and more — to uncover the tricks and tips that make black women look their very best each and every day. Some other topics you will learn about:

  • Hairstyles & Haircuts
  • Hair Colors
  • Styling Products
  • Celebrity Hair
  • Hair Extensions

I share in-depth research, hair trends, scientific investigation and analysis, intense fact-finding, celebrity hairstyles and explore what hair doctors have to say through interviews. You can get a copy of the newsletter for FREE. Subscribe Now!

So, What Am I All About?

I am all about encouraging black women to take a leap of faith and believe in themselves. If you want long and/or healthy, beautiful hair, I will give you the tools and information you need to get the hair of your dreams, so you look fabulous every time you leave the house. You just have decide what you want.

If you start planning, you will reach your goals. It all starts with a dream.

  • Want to learn how to have great hair without it costing an arm and a leg? No, problem.
  • Do you have a desire to get compliments on your hair appearing so healthy and full? I got you girl!
  • Would you like to learn how to nourish and strengthen your strands? Just say YES!
  • Would you like to have soft, smooth hair instead of damaged brittle hair? We both know the answer to that.

As you can see, there are tons of problems and issues that are associated with our hair, but there are also many solutions. I will write about lots of them to give you ideas, tutorials and step-by-step instructions.

Are We Meant To Be Together?

My work is focused on a simple idea: I want to share practical ideas that will help you figure out the best hair care solutions for you. I will do everything I can to keep you motivated, so you don’t give up on your hair care journey. I don’t claim to have all the answers and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m happy to share what I do learn along the way.

Sure, I love to travel, but I will primarily talk about hair care and hairstyles because that is my thang!

So, if you have a desire to have strong, shiny, beautiful hair (while perhaps traveling the world) then we might have something in common. If you get bored with the same hairstyle and you want to change things up a bit, pull up a chair lady because we have lots to talk about.

Why Did I Start This Blog?

Being a solopreneur and living the laptop lifestyle is about working smarter and living better. I’ve spent the past several years living the “re-imagined” American dream, one that doesn’t involve climbing the corporate ladder. Instead, I have enjoyed paving my own road, learning new things, living life fully, and taking on new challenges.

I enjoy spending time with my amazing family, producing documentaries when I feel like it, drinking South African wine, traveling the world, and lazy days on the beach listening to the ocean waves crash onto the shoreline.

If you want to live up to your hair potential and gain confidence, this blog is for you and I am beyond excited to have you here. Sherry’s Life is your resource for everything hair related from inspiration, product reviews, latest trends, tutorials, tips and tricks and so much more.

Like How All Of This Sounds?

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I look forward to getting to know you better!


Sherry Harris