Baby Headbands: Your Little Lady Will Be The Belle Of The Ball

Baby Headbands

Are you a new mommy? Want your newborn to be as stylish and chic as you? Darling little baby headbands are all the rage.

She can and will with the help of a classic, adorable fashion piece look oh, so adorable. Infant headbands and baby head wraps are some of the trendiest as well as cutest baby hair accessories designed specially for your little princess!

Whether your tiny angel has a ton of hair or maybe none at all, she’ll look priceless in such adorable threads!

All new moms and dads love to show off their little bundles of joy. Glamour baby photo shoots are becoming increasingly popular. Baby headbands make great fashion pieces when styling your baby for her photo debut. Oftentimes baby headbands can be bought within an entire baby ensemble. Therefore, your cutie will look like a true camera star from head-to-toe.

However, finding affordable baby wear and accessories can be a challenge at times. Baby fashion is on the rise. Due to social media and mommy bloggers, baby trends have come to the fore like never before. Unfortunately, more demand causes baby couture prices to go upward as well.

What is causing such a big spike in baby fashion and accessories?

Baby Headbands Crochet

Baby wear is being purchased in larger quantities as the U.S. and Europe continue to set themselves apart as major consumers of the global baby wear market. The baby fashion industry has morphed into a multi-billion dollar industry.

It has been estimated that households spend up to $10,000 annually on children’s wear. As large amounts of money continues to be spent, designers and well-known brands will continue to raise prices for their highly sought after designs.

One such design just happens to be infant headbands.

Plain baby headbands as well as  more elaborate hair accessories continue to be fashion favorites. Nevertheless, the cute headwear can be recreated at home using very few items! Want to know how to make your own baby headbands?

How To Make Baby Headbands

It is a cinch to design cheap baby headbands right in the comfort of your own home. Some choose to buy baby headband kits that range in price from $20-40. However, all you need is:

•Measuring tape
•Needle and thread
•Elastic (fold over)
•Hot glue gun and glue
•Assorted beads, flowers and buttons

Remember that a baby’s head tends to be 11-13 inches, but you can measure for safe keeping. When you have a measurement cut the fold over elastic one inch more than the baby’s head size (i.e. 11 inch head would need 12 inches of elastic).

Overlap the elastic into a circle then sew overlapping elastic together. This step of overlapping will make the elastic the appropriate size.

After the elastic has been sewn, cut out a piece of felt and glue it to the elastic, not on the pretty side but on the inside. Next, glue on your decorations. Then you’re finished!

Baby headbands diy projects can be fun to do and the possibilities are endless. If crafts is not quite your thing you can also search online for “baby headbands wholesale,” which will help you buy baby headwear for cheap and in a nice quantity.

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