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The latest trends in celebrity hairstyles can be summed up with, “Cute short haircuts is in girls.” Styles ranging from the bob to the pixie cut, you can’t go wrong. This is just a few of the Who’s Who list of celebrities and the styles they wear so well.

Let’s start with the bob haircut. The bob cut is the most popular cute short haircuts for women with short hair. The bob cut is cut around the chin and perfectly fits around the face. The Bob cut is a fav of celebrity women’s cuts including:

  • Taraji Henson
  • Tia Mowry
  • Ciara
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Keri Hilson
  • Tatiana Ali

All of these gorgeous ladies have sported bobs this year. How do you perfect the bob? Start with a short hair style, massage in a quality volume enhancing hair mousse.

Use a medium-barreled round brush and curl hair under, while blowing dry. Experts suggest you keep your short hair style sleek by aiming the blow dryer away from roots. Avoid frizz by spraying with extra hold hairspray for a perfect cropped appearance.

More Cute Short Haircuts

Cute Short Haircuts by Halley Berry Cute Short Haircuts by Rihanna

Coming in second place for favorite celebrity cut is the short wavy cut.

Brandy, Tyra Banks, Raven Symone, and First Lady Michelle Obama, all sport this latest hair style cut. Despite the craze for poker-straight hair during the last few years, short and wavy is now making a big comeback. As I said, cute short haircuts are all the rage this summer and no wonder these ladies are rocking them big time.

Easy to handle it is the way to go for the busy woman, from business to little league, it will work for you.

First Lady Wavy Hair


The third trend for celebrities is the Pixie Cut. The Pixie hairstyle is a popular style and works beautifully for those challenged with fine hair. The pixie cut is easily maintained and is considered best for people having delicate facial features.

Celebrities wearing this style include: Zendaya Coleman, Nia Long, Keke Palmer, Regina King and they all look perfect with this style choice. The cute short hairstyles speaks for itself. It is saying, “I offer ease and perfection.”

Merely spray some extra hold gel spay, distribute through your hair. Use your fingers to sculpt your hair into shape. You don’t have to comb or brush, how easy is that?

Regina King - Cute Short Haircuts

Most celebrities appear to love the sporty, shorter, look. And no wonder, it is simple to care. With there hectic schedules, it is the best solution for always looking fabulous. You can take a play straight from their playbook and do the same thing. You will look amazing every day too!

If you are heading into the office or lunch with friends, the Bob, Short Wave, or Pixie cut is ideal. Celebrities show that short hair is the new sexy. A poll shows men say they prefer women with short stylish hair over long straight hair. So if you are looking to attract that special someone, give one of these stylish hairstyles a try.

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