3 Perfect Hairstyles & Outfits For The Events In Your Life

Perfect Hairstyles
  1. Date Night

The ultimate date night outfit is a dress. You can opt for a sexy LBD or be daring and wear a bright color. A dress is feminine, flirty, & fun – which is perfect for date night.

The ultimate date night hairstyle is down & wavy. This hairstyle will accent whatever dress you choose and fits into the “feminine, flirty, & fun” look that you are going for. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair – the best way to add waves into your hair is to use a curling wand, (this one is the one I use & I love it). If you haven’t ever used one, it may take some practice but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it.

  1. Work

My golden rule for a work hairstyle & outfit is cute yet comfortable. Wherever you work, you will be there for at least 8 hours a day so comfort is key. I love blazers and cardigans for the workplace. You can wear them over a shirt & pants or a dress and it will be fashion-forward yet work-appropriate.

Going along with our cute yet comfortable theme, you want your hair to look good but not be in your way. The best way to do this is to pin some of your hair back, while leaving some down. You can pin it half-up, pin up one side, or go outside of the box a little and try the half-up high ponytail.

ponytail hairstyles

  1. Special Occasion

For a special occasion, you want to look (& feel) your best. Also, I always say that a special occasion is a perfect excuse to wear a long dress or something sparkly that you may not want to wear as an “everyday” look.

For your hair, go bold! – This is a ‘special’ occasion, am I right? ;) Do a fun up-do and get creative. Braids are definitely a fun, trendy thing to incorporate into an up-do.

Updo Braids


This article was written by Julie – Owner of 325BLVD Boutique & Blog.

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