Why Does Black People Hair Not Grow Or Take Long To Grow?

Added on Dec 30, 2013 From Breanna Rutter

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Hannah asked this question becauses she is biracial and people always tell her she has "good hair" because it grows fast but is it really true that its really hard for black women to truly grow long hair.

Hair Tip #1 Black is naturally more prone to breakage unlike our straight haired friends because at every bend of our curls, waves, coils, and kinks, is an opportunity of breakage. Now add a chemical relaxer, daily flat ironing, and tight braids to the equation, and it will be just about impossible to grow long hair!

Hair Tip #2 Black hair is also more dry because our natural hair and scalp protectant (sebum) cannot effectively reach down the strands of our hair with ease to protect the hair from losing moisture/water.

Jojoba Oil is the ONLY oil that closely mimics sebum http://goo.gl/PhPA9d

Hair Tip #3 There is hope! If you have a good hair care regimen, limit your use of heat and chemical treatments, you WILL GROW LONG HAIR! The process truly works everyone.
Think about working out for a moment, if you ate right and worked out every day for 6 months, you would see weight loss and if not, your body will build muscle and look more shapely.

What if you treated your hair well and took the necessary steps to maintain a good hair regimen, would you see growth in 6 months?

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Breanna Rutter Says:

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Patricia Plut Says:

Apr 22, 2017 - black race,white race,Asian race.we are all part of the human race please,please don't forget this family

Candice carrasco Says:

Apr 20, 2017 - man stfu black hair can grow and it's black people with long ass hair

P Daniels Says:

Apr 19, 2017 - why does a five year old have longer hair than me and I'm fourteen? :) 😒

Nadia Jules Roby Says:

Mar 25, 2017 - You're so lucky! You're hair grows like a normal person. I went bald, like completely bald, in 2010 and then I ended up having to shave it again in 2011 because it was so damaged it wasn't even growing back in right. Cut to 2017, My hair is JUST now reaching my neck (when combed out of course, when curly it's like a halo that just reaches past the nape). It's still really thin in areas. Guess, even with my Puerto Rican and Cherokee ancestry (the rest of me is African American and even some of that is from Barbados) and I get kinda down that I have such ugly-at-times hair. My youngest brother, who has a different father so he is Puerto Rican and African American (some of that Barbados origin), has WAY prettier hair than I do. Before he had it cut down at the barber's, it was like silk that curled. I am very upset that I didn't get the "good hair" and I'm the only girl out of 4 siblings :( That all said to say, all my hair growth is done painstakingly slow. I've seen some women on these kinds of videos showing how their hair was super short 5 years ago and now it's down to their mid and lower backs... Mine isn't even shoulder length. Then again, I am a single mother at the moment (the husband in my pic and I had to call a TO and I think we better keep that going for the foreseeable future) and I OFTEN neglect myself and caring for my hair because I'm so exhausted after caring for my two youngins all day. I will continue to do my best, which probably will continue to not be enough, but it's a DREAM for me to have hair like yours.

adove Says:

Mar 16, 2017 - Black women can grow long hair.  My mother (RIP) was a dark skinned full black woman.  She grew her hair to the middle of her back.  I have full black cousins with waist length hair.  When I was younger, people thought that my hair was weave or fake because I'm dark skinned and it was below my shoulders.  Each person has to find a hair regimen that works for them.  All Black people have beautiful hair regardless of length or texture.

Latario Major Says:

Mar 16, 2017 - how long does it take

MingaMichael Says:

Mar 14, 2017 - someone at work asked me this and i wanted to slap her. if you tale care of your hair accordingly it will grow. simple.

naenae ray Says:

Mar 11, 2017 - if a black woman box twist their hair for a month will it grow

gloria marquez Says:

Mar 8, 2017 - too much grease ! cloged hair pores!! Oprah gave information about her hair regime and it was a no for greasing it us a folk tale to to it. oil is applied to the hair occasionally .not to the scalp.