Washing Hair with Vinegar: Get The Latest Scoop

Washing Hair with Vinegar

To anyone new to the concept of washing hair with vinegar, you probably did not even know it was possible. To anyone who has heard about it, but feels extremely skeptical, there are clear benefits to using it to cleanse your hair. Women have been using this homemade concoction for centuries. Some say it started with Romans.

At any rate, relax because you are not going to use regular white vinegar on your hair. After all, you are not trying to pickle yourself. What you will use is Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV.

This is a completely natural substance that has many health benefits. People drink tablespoons of it each day, plain, as a means to help themselves lose weight and lower blood sugar levels. It does contain antioxidants and amino acids, which are helpful to overall good health, too.

It can be applied on the skin to get rid of non-cancerous moles and other blemishes. It has very high acidic ingredients, which is what gives it the power to naturally get rid of unwanted skin imperfections. The acid also has the ability to kill off inner and outer pathogens or bacteria in the body.

Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

What Does All of This Mean for Hair?

In the first place, the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties make washing hair with vinegar one of the best ways to eliminate dandruff flakes and the itch that goes with them. In the second place, ACV has the ability to make hair shiny by closing the hair cuticles. It works to offer better conditioning than almost any other product available because it seals moisture into the hair.

The zesty acidic makeup of ACV also invigorates the scalp. This can help promote hair growth. It never strips the hair of essential oils either. It does, however, clean so thoroughly that it can get rid of every trace of chemicals used on the hair from other products.

Washing Hair With Vinegar For Hair Growth

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair Growth

Try and get the organic variety of ACV for the best and most pure quality. You will mix about a cup more or less, depending on how much hair you have, with plain water. You can mix this together in a jar or cup and apply it to your hair in the shower or however you normally wash our hair.

Wash your hair as you normally would, but do not rinse for about a minute. You can either rinse it out after the minute is up, or, if you want extra conditioning or want to treat dandruff flakes, leave it on overnight.

You can also opt to use regular shampoo first and then the ACV as a rinse. Do not worry about the vinegar smell. It disappears within a few minutes.

You can bottle up a mixture of ACV and water, so that you have it for use at a future time. Add lavender oil or other essential oil drops to give your shampoo a lovely fragrance.

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