Arianne Hair Perfume A Chic, But Inexpensive Luxury

Arianne Candy Apple Hair Perfume is infused with essential oils that nourish and condition your hair strands while making them smell oh so divine.

The formula adds shine and it's super light, so you only need one or two spritzes. It's not quite as strong as regular perfume and not quite as drying to your hair, either.

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I'm just going to put it out there - hair perfume is the beauty product you didn’t know you needed.

While perfume for hair adds a little luxury to our lives, they also do much more. They make your hair smell absolutely delicious. Arianne Hair Perfumes act as frizz-fighters, protect against harmful UV rays and rejuvenate any hairstyle.

Hair fragrance perfumes are perfect for when you can’t muster enough energy to wash your hair. Simply spritz your hair. It can freshen up your sweaty and smelly hair especially after an intense workout. It will even cover up the funk of cigarette smoke odor.

Hair perfume spray will not only keep your tresses smelling salon fresh, but healthy too. The proof is in the pudding, in this case each bottle (wink, wink). Get your bottle of Candy Apple Hair Perfume.

Why You Want To Get A Whiff Of Hair Perfume

  • Launch Your Hair Confidence With Hair Mist

    It is a long established fact that a beautiful scent that has you smelling good makes you feel pretty. Boost your hair confidence.

  • Note To Self, This Is The Perfect Workout Buddy

    Want to say bye-bye, to sweaty gym hair fast? Bestow a pretty scent on your hair, while gaining many hair health benefits.

  • Here's An Idea - Try A Decadent Hair Perfume

    It lasts all day. It not only leaves your hair sexy, but the non-aerosol formula adds shine and smooths hair ends. Sounds good, right?

  • Nasty Odor Drug Side Effect

    Do you have Smelly Hair Syndrome? Some medications as a side effect cause an odor. Spritz your hair with hair mist.

  • Take Less Time With This In Your Beauty Arsenal

    Short on time? Use our hair perfume blend that has naturally moisturizing ingredients that keep your hair smelling great!

  • Do You Have A Fun Event Or Date On Your Schedule

    Walk in a room. Give everyone a hug, watch a smile come on their face. They smelled your hair and it’s yummy.

Hair Perfume Do's and Don'ts

Like traditional perfumes, it’s possible to overdo it with fragrances made for hair.

Remember, less is more. The scent should not arrive before you do.

  • You can spray the hair mist perfume directly on your hair.
  • Spray the perfume hair mist onto a brush then use on your hair.
  • Apply it to your hands and run through hair.
  • You can use hair fragrances on your wet hair even when blow drying. However, use a thermal protectant first.

Get Arianne Candy Apple Hair Perfume Now For Only $15!

Get Your Hair Perfume Now

The sweet smell of french vanilla and candy apple mixed with jojoba is the perfect combination. If you are ready to feel pretty and sexy, freshen up your hair strands with a lightweight fragrance that stays with you throughout the day.

Hair holds fragrance more effectively than skin because it is more porous, so it evaporates more slowly, which means your hair smells great longer. Plus, we worked hard to create a light, fresh scent blend. Arianne's Candy Apple hair perfume offers a head-turning way to wear hair scent year round.

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